Below you’ll find a list of frequently asked questions to help take the mystery out of hiring out a motorhome!

1. How economical are your motor homes?

The Auto Roller 707 we provide is based on a Fiat Ducato 2.3l diesel engine. Providing you accelerate gently and keep speed to 60mph max, you should be able to achieve in the region of 30 miles per gallon.

That works out at around 350 miles of travel per tank.

2. The motorhome is advertised as 5 berth, is that realistic?

Technically motorhomes are 7 berth – but 5 adults maximum is more comfortable. The convertible beds on the floor will fit one adult or child.

3. Will we run out of gas during our holiday?

No, that’s highly unlikely. In our experience, the gas cannister wil last for months – assuming you will be eating out occasionally during your holiday. We provide a spare canister onboard, just in case

4. Are there electric sockets for electronic items?

YES – there are four mains sockets in different parts of the motorhome. If you are connected up to a mains ‘hook up’ at the caravan site, then you can use high wattage items like hair-dryers.

However, if you are not connected to the mains, you will need to connect electrical items using the cigarette lighter fittings provided (there are 3). We will also provide an ‘inverter’ which will allow you to plug in low power items such as laptops if you are not connected to the mains

5. Is the fridge any use?

Absolutely – the fridge works very well indeed (so well it can sometimes freeze items in the chiller!) and has a freezing compartment. It can work off gas or mains, meaning you can keep food cool when you are traveling

6. Are the cooking facilities adequate?

There is a 3 hob gas cooker, which heats as well as a domestic cooker. The grill works well and the cooker is fine – but note the cooker is the size of a normal domestic ‘top oven’. Due to this, it’s only possible to heat a few items at a time in the overn

7. Is there a shower onboard?

Again, yes, there is shower which has a surprisingly good amount of pressure. You just need to make sure plenty of water has been heated. Also bear in mind there is onluy around 12 litres of hot water available, so make it quick! Don’t worry, you’ll feel the water gradually cooling down so make sure you was your hair first!make sure the fridge is firmly closed before driving off. There is a real chance the fridge could swing open around a corner and fling your fresh bacon on to the floor. It’s therefore vital to make sure the fridge can always be firmly closed – over-filling it will stop the fridge closing properly.

8. How big is the boot?

With the top bunk lifted, the boot is an excellent size – 2.3m across, 1m wide and about 1m high. This works out over 2000 cubic litres bigger than most estate cars with all the seats down!

9. What utensils and equipment is supplied - do I need to bring anything?

You should not need to bring anything for cooking. Do note, the motorhome will not have a microwave fitted. You may also wish to bring your own baby sterilization equipment and hairdryer, straighteners etc.

10. Can I drive your motor homes using a standard UK license?

Yes, that is correct you do not need any additional driving qualifications to drive a hired motorhome from us

11. Are bedding and towels included in the motorhome?

Bedding and towels will be provided for overseas customers only. We kindly ask UK residents to provide their own towels, duvets, pillows and sheets. UK residents will have hand towels only on-board.

12. Do you provide child seats?

We would ask customers supply their own child seats, which you are familiar with.


  • Mick auker January 16, 2017 at 9:58 pm

    I am interested in hiring the Roller Team Autoroller for 4 days in July. We would need it from Thurs 27th until Monday 31st July. Could you confirm whether it is available then, the price and any other information you require in order to, hopefully, book the mobile home. Thank you.


    • carldavies January 16, 2017 at 11:56 pm

      Hi Mick, thanks for the enquiry.

      I believe we have the Roller Team 707 available for the 4 days mentioned in July. The cost is £135 per day.

      You need to pay a £250 deposit immediately to secure the hire, then the remaining balance within a month of the hire date.

      When you hire, there is a short term £750 security deposit on top of the hire cost, which covers the excess on the insurance or any damage to the vehicle. Its returned immediately on return.

      We will insure you for the hire period, which is included in the day rate.

      You can reserve your booking using the ‘book now’ button on the Website. Then you can pay by credit/debit card (over the phone) or by bank transfer.

      Let me know how you get on – you can contact me on 0113 8800960 / 07492 423363 during the evening tomorrow. I’m available any time for the remainder of the week to chat.

      All the best



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