A motor home is a wonderful way to explore the country. You get to experience nature at her best. At Magic Motorhomes they have the best options for Motor home holiday UK. You can get a motor home that seats seven and even sleeps seven.

Plenty of sleeping space

Taking a holiday out in the wilderness is now possible with a Motor home holiday UK all thanks to Magic Motorhomes. You no longer have to think about sleeping on the hard ground inside a sleeping bag. The motor home offers comfortable sleeping arrangements for the whole family up to seven people. There is one overhead cab double bed other than that there is another double bed and single bed and if required 2 single bunk beds.

Privacy for sleeping

If you are worried that the situation would be like everyone is sleeping in the same room, you have the option of privacy curtains to separate the sleeping areas. There are also reflectors on the windows to ensure that the light doesn’t come in from the outside. This is just in case you are parked in an area where there are a lot of lights outside. When you plan a Motorhome Holiday UK and hire your motor home from Magic Motorhomes you can be sure that we have taken care of all the little details for you, ensuring that there is nothing to inconvenience you in any way.

Insulation to maintain indoor temperature

The motor home has insulated walls and flooring to ensure that you are not at the mercy of the weather. So if you are out camping in slightly cooler weather you can be rest assured that your motor home will stay warm and cosy with the heating inside. The insulated walls and flooring will ensure that the heat doesn’t escape. You warm the insides of the motor home with diesel powered heating and you can go to sleep peacefully.

Good storage space

The Motor home has plenty of storage under the seat and in the rear boot. So you don’t need to worry about where to keep your stuff while you are on a road trip for your Motorhome Holiday UK. There is also plenty of storage for water. The bathroom has chemical flushing toilets, so you needn’t worry about running short of water for flushing. For dining you are provided with a table that seats seven people. So if you have a family of seven or less, this is going to be your best road trip holiday.

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