Hiring a motorhome from Magic Motorhomes is straightforward. Follow the 6 simple steps below to understand how it all works.

STEP ONE is to reserve the date you wish to hire your motorhome using the MAKE A BOOKING page.

You can reserve your motorhome on a weekly basis, from Saturday PM to Saturday AM the following week.

Once you have completed your reservation, you will receive a confirmation email

Use the button below if you would like to start a booking now.

Make A Reservation Now

OR if you would prefer to speak to somebody in person, call us on 0113 8800960 or 07434 733998

STEP TWO is to pay a deposit to secure your reservation. We request a deposit of £250 in advance to guarantee your preferred slot.

NOTE: a security deposit of £ 750 is required prior to renting your motorhome (Your reservation deposit will contribute to the security deposit, leaving a balance of £ 500 to pay, plus the hire fee).

You can pay your deposit by PayPal at the end of your reservation process on the Website.

You can also pay by debit or credit card over the phone by calling 0113 8800960 or 07434 733998 (card transaction fees apply).

STEP THREE is to pay the remaining balance and provide identification details before you collect the motorhome. At this stage we will ask you to pay the remaining security deposit and the cost of hiring the vehicle.

We will also request a copy of the driver’s UK driving license and address to arrange insurance cover for your trip.

NOTE: the cost of insurance is included in the weekly rental fee, so you have nothing else to pay other than filling the tank with diesel!

You can pay the remaining balance either by PayPal or by debit or credit card over the phone by calling 0113 8800960 or 07434 733998 (card transaction fees apply).

STEP FOUR is to collect the motorhome.

We can bring the Motorhome to your preferred location in the Leeds/Bradford area.

To ensure we get your holiday is safe and stress-free, we will provide you a face to face tour and handioer of your rented motorhome (maximum 30 minutes).

The handover is essential to make sure you have a safe holiday. We want to do everything we can to reduce the chances of an accident that may spoil your enjoyment or affect the return of your deposit.

The handover will help ensure:

  • You feel 100% confident to operate the vehicle and carry passengers safely


  • We help you understand how to operate all the internal features such as water heating, fridge, chemical toilet, grey waste tank, storage and lighting
  • We show you how to set up sleeping arrangements and ventilation
  • You understand the external features of the motorhome e.g.connecting to mains, filling the water tank, operating the awning and refueling
  • We help you to make sure your holiday is accident free by explaining simple prevention steps you can take, and what to do in case of an emergency 

Its also a chance to ask as many questions as you like and get off to a relaxed start to your trip!

STEP FIVE is the holiday itself. This is easy, more than anything we want your whole family to have a great time!

To help make your holiday as successful as possible, why not take a look at the various tips below:

Don’t forget you can alway contact us at any time throughout your holiday on by calling us on 0113 8800960 or 07434 733998

STEP SIX is to return the motorhome back to us for the next customer to use. This is the sad part, but we hope to see you back soon!

Providing the motorhome comes back in the same condition as it left, your security deposit will be returned as quickly as possible (24 hours maximum).

NOTE: On return of the motorhome, an inspection will be required to ensure everything is returned in good order ready for the next customer. If the motorhome has sustained damage or requires heavy cleaning then you will be charged for the work to rectify from your deposit payment

We genuinely hope this situation will never arise ,and politely request you drive and enjoy your holiday carefully and considerately

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