Below you’ll find a list of tips to help ensure your family holiday is fun and stress-free!

1. Plan ahead each day ahead For driving, parking and meals

Travelling around in a motorhome needs a little more forward planning than a car. We recommend spending some time the night before anticpating the next day’s travel. You’ll want to avoid small b-roads where possible because driving requires lots more concentration.

You’d also be wise to check there are large parking spaces available (might be worth a quick phone call to check)

It might also be worth making sure there are no height restrictions in place – our motorhomes are up to 3.2m high and 7m long (excluding bikes!)

And finally, for us the single biggest cause of family stress are family mealtimes when you’re out and about. We’d highly recommend making sure there are plenty of snacks onboard and plan to either get home in time to make dinner or have a clear idea on eating options beforehand

2. Use Your 'Mobile Cafe' to save £££'s and hassle

Its easy to forget but you’ve just hired yourself a mobile cafe on wheels. If you want to, you can save a small fortune in refreshments and light meals by having lunch and breaks back in the Motorhome. You’ll be guaranteed a seat and your favourite mug!

3. Try to arrive to your camp site in the daylight & Make sure you always park on a flat spot

Arriving at a campsite for the first time is full of logistical unknowns – where is the power point? how can I top up fresh water? etc. That’s made much more difficult if its dark outside. We’d strongly recommend making sure you arrive at daylight, allowing at least 1 hour to set yourself up for sleeping arrangements.

And a crucial point – make sure you are parked on a flat surface. Things start to go very wonky on a slope – like water not draining in the sink or the fridge can stop cooling.

4. Don't overdo the travel - stay put for a while

Packing and unpacking a motorhome is much quicker than a tent, which is great news. However, travelling and moving camp too often can make the holiday quite pressured for everyone and much more stressful.

We’d suggest choosing just a couple of locations over a 1 week holiday to make sure most of your time is not spent on the road or setting up/packing up. That way everyone is really getting the break they deserve.

5. Always keep your water tank topped up

Simple thing – but always make sure your fresh water tank is at a 25% level or more. That way you can always boil up a brew or take a wash. Also, things like the water boiler can start to go wrong if the water tank is empty.

NOTE: We don’t recommend drinking cold water straight from the tap – stick to bottled water if possible.

6. Number one's only, wherever possible!

Ah, the joys of camping! So, you’ll find the vast majority of camp sites have toilets. We’d recommend using them for any bathroom activity involving toilet roll. Liquid only (number ones) for the motorhome toilet is the best strategy.

Guaranteed this makes life so much easier when it comes to emptying out the chemical toilet (not the highlight of the holiday!). The motorhome will stay a bit fresher during meal times too!

7. Bring your bikes along

You’ve paid for a vehicle with a huge 4 bicycle rack, so we’d highly recommend using it. Its a great excuse to stay outdoors and most camp sites have ample space to ride around safely.

8. Use campsite facilities - you've paid for them!

Many larger camp sites have all manner of facilities to use. You will be able to do a full clothes wash and dry mid-week if you like, whilst some sites even have their own hot meals made on site (e.g. a pizza van).

9. Get there early (if you can!)

The trick with securing stress-free parking is to get to your destination as early as possible so you have plenty of choice. It also means much less maneuvering and less chance of getting into a sticky spot that could put a downer on your holiday!

10. Keep it simple, keep it outdoors, explore the vicinity & chill on site

From our experience the best days out are often in natural surroundings like on the beach or just chilling in the campsite. Its easy to fall into the trap if thinking your holiday should be a finely tuned military operation. In reality the most relaxed and fun days are spent chilling out on the camp site or travelling a short distance to a beach.

And finally, we’d encourage everyone to stay outside as much as possible. Whilst there is space in the motorhome, it is the size of a small apartment and kids can get quite agitated if they are in restricted space for too long. So take board games outside and take shelter under the awning if there is a bit of drizzle!

Have your meals outside too if you can, no need to brush up crumbs or spilt drinks after yourselves! After all, camping is all about enjoying the ‘great outdoors’!

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