If you want to drive around the countryside or cross country, now RV hire Yorkshire is very easy. Magic Motor homes has just the right options for you. You don’t need to own a big vehicle to drive across the country, with the option of RV hire UK, you can get a large vehicle to suit your needs.

Solar electricity for continuous electricity

When you do RV hire UK you can get a motor home from Magic Motorhome that has four bicycle racks so if you are out for a full adventure you are definitely going to get to experience one. The RV motor home has sufficient lighting, that should you find yourself in a dark and secluded area; you will be well lit up. The roof mounted solar panel ensures that your power supply batteries are continuously charged and won’t leave you in the lurch with no power.

Bathroom with all the required amenities

The camper is equipped with good bathroom facilities. The toilet has a chemical flush which is a great help to save water. With a RV hire Yorkshire from Magic Motor homes you do not need to worry about water. With the 100 litre tank for fresh water and 100 litres capacity for grey water you have sufficient water to last you for a few days till you find a source to fill up with fresh water. There is an enclosed shower to ensure that everyone stays clean. So if you have been hiking and come back all sweaty, you can go straight in for a shower. For hot water there is an immersion heater which is gas powered. So you can indulge in a nice relaxing hot shower even in the wilderness. The sink and vanity mirror, though a little cramped, ensures that you can brush your teeth in some comfort and with a feel of home.

Comfortable sleeping arrangements

The campervan has plenty of sleeping arrangements with two double beds and four single beds in a bunk bed style. There are curtains in some sections for a bit of privacy. Along with the sleeping arrangements there is also plenty of storage space in the form of cupboards for storage of clothes and other personal effects. There is a huge boot too which offers lots of storage space. The RV has everything covered to ensure that your adventurous holiday is as enjoyable as possible. You will not feel the lack of anything in the way of amenities in the RV.

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